About Us

Who We Are

MedicarePedia.com is privately owned and operated by Leads Pedia LLC, a leading publisher of Medicare information. Leads Pedia’s mission is to provide resources and tools for making informed Medicare coverage decisions. Founded in 2009, MedicarePedia.com is a non-government resource that is a valuable asset to both the Medicare system and those who depend on it. MedicarePedia.com and Leads Pedia LLC both strive to provide simple, useful and straightforward information about Medicare and insurance coverage.

What We Do

As a guide to Medicare covered products and services, we make the complicated world of Medicare easy to read, understand and even enjoy! We give you the Medicare basics as well as practical information and tools for making informed decisions about your Medicare coverage needs. We help get the answers you need by translating complicated topics into understandable articles. Our goal is to explain the most common coverage related questions and have you leave our website with a clearer understanding of Medicare and the insurance coverage that is available to seniors.

We are not a government run site, but we rely upon the information provided by the Federal Government. This information is constantly updating and changing. Supported by provider sponsors MedicarePedia.com makes it easy for you to connect with both covered products and services. Our strict selection procedures ensure that these third party resources are reliable, trusted, quality sources.