Medicare Coverage for Diabetic Supplies

Monitoring and treating diabetes is a life-long process. Diabetics do much of the diabetic management on their own at home after they become familiar with the various diabetic test and supplies that help them self-monitor and treat the condition. Medicare will help pay for some of these supplies as long as the supplies are prescribed by a Medicare approved doctor. It also useful to use a pharmacy that is familiar with Medicare billing because they will be responsible for submitting a claim into Medicare. Patients are not allowed to submit these claims on their own.

Diabetic Tests that are Covered by Medicare

Medicare covers a variety of the tests and testing devices that are used by diabetics. These tests are essential for the proper treatment of diabetes. For people with diabetes or in high-risk categories for diabetes Medicare will pay for up to two Fasting Glucose Tests per year provided they are administered by a Medicare approved doctor. Medicare will also pay for some glucose test strips and glucose testing monitors. These are used by diabetics to constantly check blood sugar levels. Medicare also covers lancet devices that are used to prick the finger and remove a small drop of blood for the tests. Glucose control solutions that are used to verify the accuracy of the testing are also usually covered under Medicare.

Medicare Coverage of Insulin, Syringes, Pens and Insulin Pumps.

Generally Medicare will not cover insulin, syringes or insulin pens. Some people who have Medicare Part D may have some of their insulin and their insulin supplies paid for. However, People with Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes who need to use an insulin pump will usually have both the pump and their insulin covered by Medicare. Insulin pumps are only used in severe diabetic cases where the pancreas is no longer producing insulin.

Costs Associated with Diabetic Supplies Under Medicare

How much Medicare Diabetics pay is directly related to how sick they are and which sections of Medicare they have signed up for. Original Medicare Part B and Part D, Prescription Drug Coverage, both cover common diabetic costs. Patients are still responsible for their 20% co-insurance, co-payments and deductibles. Advantage Plan members will need to check their plan to see what is and isn't covered.

Medicare Part B usually covers doctors' visits and tests associated with diabetes. Part B also can be used to cover insulin pumps under durable equipment in most cases. Part D can also be used to pay for insulin in some cases.