HMO Benefits

There are many benefits associated with Medicare HMO Plans. The primary benefit for many seniors is that the cost of an HMO plan is usually a lot cheaper than similar coverage under Original Medicare. Commonly an HMO Plan will cover Original Medicare part A, Part B and Part D, Prescriptions Drug Coverage. An HMO plan may also include dental and vision coverage as well as some types of wellness care and other benefits. For seniors on a limited budget the savings alone related to Part B coverage may be substantial. Add in the other benefits and it is possible to sometimes same more than half using an HMO plan VS. Original Medicare. Having these added benefits at the reduced rate can be a huge advantage for some seniors.

Other seniors choose an HMO Plan because private companies operate these plans. They believe that the model is more efficient and that the standard of customer care is far superior to using a mixture of providers under Original Medicare. Moreover, some seniors choose an HMO plan purely for ideological reasons. Still others had an HMO in the past and they want to continue using the same type of plan (often with the same company) that they are familiar with.

Other seniors choose an HMO Plan for the regular dental and vision maintenance services that are not offered under Original Medicare. Having vision and dental coverage can be very important and many Medicare HMO plans include these types of coverage.

Recipients may also choose an HMO because they are tired of trying to determine who pays first. Unraveling the quagmire of Medicare bills is somewhat lessened by having just one HMO Advantage Plan. There is only one list of what is covered. There are neither supplemental providers to deal with nor any additional payers to keep track of. The patient pays for what the plan doesn't pay.

Each HMO is different and the benefits of each will also change depending on both the Medicare recipient and the structure of the plan itself. This is yet another benefit of an HMO plans. You can sign up for as plan that meets your needs the best VS just taking the one size fits all model of Original Medicare. Initially this may take more time and research but in the long run having a plan that is cheaper and that meets your needs better is a great plan in anyone's book!