How Can I Sign Up For Medicaid?

All Medicaid is administered through your state's Department of Health and Social Services so it's important to become familiar with your state's requirements. You can find this information online and at your city's local Health and Social Services agency. Try to review the requirements before you apply because this will save you a lot of time if you simply don't qualify.

Proof of Identity is required to sign up for Medicaid

In some states you can apply for Medicaid online. However, in most states you will need to sign up in person bringing documentation with you to verify all the requirements for Medicaid. This will include ID to document your age, identity, US citizenship, state residency, and legal status. Check with your state to verify the types of ID that are acceptable. A valid driver's license, a passport, Social Security card and a birth certificate are the types of ID that are normally required to prove your identify. Usually a utility bill, mortgage bill, a lease or a letter from your landlord can be used to verify your state residency.

Proof of Income and Resources is Required to Sign Up for Medicaid

Billing and tax documents to document your personal assets and income will also be required. You will need to provide proof of income for at least one month with past pay stubs, copies of your bank statements and income tax returns. If you are divorced and have children you will need a copy of your divorce settlement and proof of child support and spousal payments. Sometimes an additional letter from your previous spouse will also be needed. You will also need to document all of your assets. Assets include real estate, excluding your primary residence, stocks, bonds, cars and personal possessions.

Depending on your situation you might need to provide proof of your resources. A second home, a second car, bank accounts, stocks and bonds are examples of resources. Proof for these items varies, but bank account statements are the most common. If you have a bank account you should obtain as many recent monthly statements as possible. In some cases the state may want further proof and documentation. Make photocopies of everything and make a list of all the documents. You will need to leave at least one copy of everything with the administrator. In some states the administrator will make the copies for you.

You will also fill out an application for Medicaid and it will be attached to your file. Often this same application will also be used for other assistance programs like food stamps so it's important that you fill it out as accurately and completely as possible. Your file will then be reviewed and you will be notified if you qualify for Medicaid or not. Often the state will require further documentation or information before you can finally receive Medicaid. Most states, even those that accept online applications, will require in-person proof of identity at some point.