What Does Medicare Part C Cover?

Advantage Plan Coverage

Advantage Plans provide the same types of coverage in Original Medicare Part A and Part B. Advantage Plans cover emergency services, inpatient hospitalization, a semi-private room including meals, care, rehabilitation services, wound dressings, skilled nursing care, physical and occupational therapy, speech and language therapy, doctor's bills, durable medical equipment, some coverage for mental health care, some in-home services, and limited blood coverage.

Hospice care is not provided or managed through Advantage Plans but it is still included and managed by Original Medicare for people who have Advantage Plans.

Advantage Plans Also Cover Things not included Under Original Medicare

Advantage Plans also often include coverage that is traditionally excluded from Medicare. These extra types of coverage can include vision care, dental care and hearing care as well as cutting edge wellness programs that include things like free gym memberships and checkups. Each Advantage Plan is organized a bit differently and they may or may not include these additional benefits. If you know you have needs in one of these particular areas it is a good idea to investigate the various Advantage Plan options that are available in your area.

Auntie Lou says, "Pay attention to your feet! Some smart bureaucrat decided old people really don't need to walk. If you have problems with your feet and the issue isn't related to a larger medical problem care and orthopedic shoes may not be covered by Original Medicare. However, sometimes these services are covered under an Advantage Plan."

Advantage Plans Have Good Resources - Use them!

A very capable and personable insurance agent usually manages Advantage Plans. You can usually talk with this agent any time you have a question. Good insurance agents will look out for the best plan to meet your particular needs and they will inform you of plan updates and changes. With all the changes that are constantly occurring in Medicare this is a type of "coverage" unto itself. A knowledgeable insurance agent that is good at his/her job is a real asset.

Advantage Coverage Doesn't Include Medigap

Advantage plan members are not allowed to sign up for Medigap coverage. Medigap Plans can be purchased with Original Medicare and they can be used to bring a patient's out-of-pocket expenses down significantly. For terminally ill patients and those in poor health Medigap with Original Medicare may be the best choice.