Medicare Plans ending: Medicare PPO Plan is Leaving Medicare

When a Medicare PPO Plan leaves the Medicare Program it affects thousands of people. This isn't something that any insurance company does lightly. Companies end plans for all sorts of reasons but increased or changing legislation is one of the largest reasons private companies choose to leave Medicare and end plans. In the next few years there may be many plans leaving the program due to the changes associated with the new health care legislation. Combined with a growing new group of eligible members the next ten years holds a lot of changes for the Medicare system.

How will I know if my Medicare PPO Plan is Leaving Medicare?

If your PPO Plan decides to leave Medicare they will send you a letter in the mail explaining their intentions. When this happens you will have the option of buying a new PPO Policy. If you aren't proactive about adding another policy you will be returned to Original Medicare. If the plan ends you will also have the right to buy a Medigap policy. Depending on your age and situation it might be a good time to take advantage of Original Medicare and a Medigap policy. If at a later time you again decide to use a PPO Plan you can sign up at a later time during yearly Open Enrollment.