Can I get prescription drug coverage through my Medigap Plan?

Prescription drug coverage was available through Medigap Plans H, J and I until last year. It is no longer possible to get Rx coverage through a Medigap Plan.

These plans are no longer available but if you have one you can continue to use it. Before you get really upset, these plans were discontinued because they were expensive and inefficient. All three plans had a $250 deductible and required 50% coinsurance. H and I had a cap on benefits at $1,250 while plan J had a cap on benefits of $3,000. The premium amounts for these plans tended to be a little less that the benefit amount on the lower plans. Many of these policies also allowed the cost of drugs to skyrocket as the recipient aged.

"Auntie Lou says, "Be glad these plans are gone. If you want to switch to a Plan D you can and the Medigap company must adjust your premiums."

Prescription drug coverage is still available either through an additional Part D, Prescription Drug Plan or through an Advantage Plan.

Your Medigap policy may still cover drugs costs that are covered by Original Medicare while you are in the hospital or are in a skilled nursing care facility.