Can My Medigap Insurance Company Drop Me?

There are very few times that an Insurance company is able to drop your Medigap coverage. The most serious of these is if you bought your policy before 1992. Prior to 1992 not all Medigap policies were "guaranteed renewable." Read the fine print in your policy to determine if your pre-1992 policy is guaranteed renewable or not. If it's not, the company can refuse to renew your coverage. If this happens you may have a chance to apply for a new Medigap Plan but it will likely be more expensive.

Is My Plan Guaranteed Renewable?

Fortunately, if your policy was purchased after 1992 it is guaranteed renewable as long as you pay your premiums and have not changed from Original Medicare to Medicare Advantage. You are not allowed to have a Medigap Plan in addition to a Medicare Advantage Plan. Before you leave your Medigap Plan or suspend it for any reason, make sure to discuss all the rules and regulations before you do anything (in writing) with your current Medigap provider. Save all this documentation in a safe place.

Auntie Lou says, "Save and document everything/interaction related to Medicare. The rules are always changing. They might act like you are senile (and you might be) but don't count on Medicare 'experts' to know what today's rules are 3 years from now."

If you are not paying your premiums, your Medigap Company can drop you.

The other time that your insurance company is able to drop your coverage is if they discover that you lied about your previous medical history.

The good news is that your Medigap policy cannot arbitrarily decide to drop your insurance coverage unless your policy started prior to 1992. If the company goes out of business, you move, or they have intentionally misled you in any way, you will have the opportunity to buy another Medigap policy.