What Other Types of Coverage are included in Medigap Plans? Is it possible to get Vision, Hearing and Dental Coverage?

Medigap coverage is designed to fill in the "gaps" that exist in Original Medicare coverage rather than to provide dental, hearing and vision services that are generally excluded from Original Medicare. This means that finding a Medigap plan that includes dental, vision and hearing care is the exception rather than the rule. When you do find a policy that will cover these things you should compare the costs with a stand-alone policy in order to determine which type of policy will give you the best plan for the money.

Some Vision Care is Already Covered by Original Medicare and Medigap Plans.

Original Medicare provides some coverage for vision care and your Medigap policy should fill in the gaps just as with other types of care. Many visual problems are related to diseases that are covered by Medicare so these are treated as related symptoms. For example, diabetics often have problem with Glaucoma, so tests and care are covered. Other types of eye tests and surgeries are also covered. For example, any cataracts surgery that implants an intraocular lense is covered and vision surgeries related to accidental injuries are covered. Medicare also covers one set of eyeglasses a year with standard frames and one pair of contact lenses for patients who have undergone cataracts surgery. Standard eye tests and new glasses and contacts when you lose them are not covered.

Original Medicare Generally Doesn't cover Dental Services but some Medigap Plans offer Dental Coverage

Some Medigap Plans have started to include certain types of Dental coverage that is seen to be new or innovative. For example, there are Medigap Plans that include Dental arguing that dental implants are a new and innovative procedure that a patient would need insurance to afford. Look carefully at the Medigap Plans that cover Dental and compare what they cover and cost with a stand-alone dental policy.

Original Medicare does not Cover Hearing Care but some Medigap Plans may offer Coverage

Medicare does not cover hearing aids and other devices that make it easier to hear unless your hearing is related to a balance or other medical issue. Tests will be covered if your balance is impaired and care related to ear issues that are not related to actual hearing are often covered under Original Medicare and Medigap policies. If you need to use hearing aids and want insurance related to actual hearing issues you might find a Medigap Plan that includes some further hearing coverage.

Auntie Lou says, "So we don't need to eat, see or hear. What's left?"

Original Medicare and basic Medigap Plans do not generally cover vision, dental and hearing coverage. However, if you have a particular need you may be able to find a Medigap Plan that does include this coverage. It will likely cost more but if you know you have an issue the extra coverage may be important to you.